Taking a Break From Deities

Hi guys!

I’ve decided to take a break from drawing Deities. Instead I’m working on a book of short stories that I will eventually publish on Amazon. This book of short stories will feature characters from Deities as well as some of my other original characters!

I’ll post an update when it’s published!

Keep an eye out!


Easter/Passover Update News…

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend/Passover (and if you don’t celebrate either holiday, I hope you are having a great regular weekend)!

Due to some family issues, school work and my two jobs I’ve decided to update Deities every other Friday until mid-May.




I’m thinking of starting to translate some of my comics into Italian. I’m currently learning Italian, so I figure this will help me learn. Each of the translations will be posted below each comic (when I start doing them.)


Quick Vacation

Hey guys! I was on vacation this weekend and didn’t have my computer with me, so there will be no comic this Thursday. Deities will be back on June 30th.


2016 Summer Schedule

Because I am finally out of school, Deities will be updated much more frequently. Instead of a comic being posted twice a month, Deities will be updated every Thursday from now (May 26th 2016) until September 2016.


Color Challenge

I’m thinking about drawing a comic using a color challenge.

A color challenge is basically when you try to draw a picture using only a certain amount of colors (usually only five).

I think this might be fun to do. I won’t be doing it for the next comic, but I might do it for the one after that…maybe. We’ll see how it goes.