Easter/Passover Update News…

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend/Passover (and if you don’t celebrate either holiday, I hope you are having a great regular weekend)!

Due to some family issues, school work and my two jobs I’ve decided to update Deities every other Friday until mid-May.




I’m thinking of starting to translate some of my comics into Italian. I’m currently learning Italian, so I figure this will help me learn. Each of the translations will be posted below each comic (when I start doing them.)


Color Challenge

I’m thinking about drawing a comic using a color challenge.

A color challenge is basically when you try to draw a picture using only a certain amount of colors (usually only five).

I think this might be fun to do. I won’t be doing it for the next comic, but I might do it for the one after that…maybe. We’ll see how it goes.