Easter/Passover Update News…

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend/Passover (and if you don’t celebrate either holiday, I hope you are having a great regular weekend)!

Due to some family issues, school work and my two jobs I’ve decided to update Deities every other Friday until mid-May.




I’m thinking of starting to translate some of my comics into Italian. I’m currently learning Italian, so I figure this will help me learn. Each of the translations will be posted below each comic (when I start doing them.)


Color Challenge

I’m thinking about drawing a comic using a color challenge.

A color challenge is basically when you try to draw a picture using only a certain amount of colors (usually only five).

I think this might be fun to do. I won’t be doing it for the next comic, but I might do it for the one after that…maybe. We’ll see how it goes.


Word of God: 10 Facts About Fate

  1. Her favorite color is orange.
  2. Fate is Death’s unofficial sister. (Technically because they don’t have a mother they aren’t biologically related, but they’ve considered themselves siblings from the very beginning.)
  3. Fate has a bit of a short temper when it comes to humans. If they do things to her she doesn’t like (example: cutting her off in traffic) there are devastating consequences.
  4. Occasionally Fate will leave gaps in her calendar to see what the humans do on their own. They usually do annoying stuff (see fact number 3 for details) and Fate will typically regret letting them have free will.
  5. Fate’s calendar can be easily hacked.
  6. She (and Love) will give free will to Death’s love interests. That way they always have the choice on whether or not they want to be with him.
  7. Fate is a lesbian and is in a relationship with Love.
  8. Fate and God are constantly fighting over who should have control over the humans. They can act like exes going through a nasty custody battle sometimes.
  9. Fate always wins these fights however.
  10. She enjoys going bowling.