Word of God: The Deities Sexualities/Preferences

(NOTE: If you are familiar with the website TV Tropes, you will understand why I have labeled this “Word of God.” If not, I’ll just leave this link here.)

Anyway! Here is that extra information I was talking about earlier this month! Today we get to look into the love lives of our main characters.

Deities Sexualities/Preferences
Time—asexual, possibly aromantic
God—straight, but (usually) doesn’t have time for that shit
Chaos—asexual, but biromantic
Mother Nature—anything that moves
Devil—depends on who’s in reign
Angels—depends on which ones
Death’s Sons—see angels
Death’s Daughter—straight


Extra Info

I have decided to write blog posts about the personal lives of our main characters. Sometimes the posts will be about the main characters’ favorite color, what car they drive, their sexuality, their favorite food, how I imagine their voice to sound, etc.

Keep an eye out for them!