Word of God: 10 Facts About Death


  1. Only three things make Death truly angry: when someone tries to kill him, when someone tries to hurt his kids and bad drivers.
  2. Death is the shortest deity (5 feet and 2 inches).
  3. He has always wanted a daughter.
  4. His favorite son is Son 72 (although he claims he doesn’t have a favorite).
  5. Death tries to dress like the humans.
  6. He chooses to be short, a little pudgy and kinda cute because he doesn’t want to look intimidating/scary.
  7. However, his tendency to stress eat doesn’t help his weight.
  8. Sometimes he gets very depressed and as a result he drinks a lot.
  9. Death hates being immortal and sometimes wishes he could die.
  10. When dealing with humans, he’ll claim to be a mortician, even though he knows next to nothing about how the funeral industry works.

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