Cast Of Characters


Character Icon Death

Death (A.K.A. The Grim Reaper/Mortimer/Thomas George Reaper/Whatever Name He’s Calling Himself Today)

He has a fondness for humans and food. Death is the second oldest Deity. Appeared before Time and after God. He’s the only deity who has children (100 to be exact!). His children help him reap souls, as the earth’s population is getting rather large and he can’t handle it himself. He has been married over 200 times over the course of several thousand years and stays loyal to his current human wife. He and his children are immortal. He also doesn’t do the whole “skeleton and cloak” thing and regrets choosing that form that one time.


She controls every aspect of the humans’ lives. Don’t mess with her. You might suddenly find yourself getting killed by a watermelon that just randomly fell out of the sky, even though you’re in the middle of a desert…and you don’t know why you’re in the desert. Fate and Love are in a romantic relationship and have been since they first laid eyes on each other. Fate enjoys going bowling, working with Love to mess with humans and then watching the show.

god 2God

He’s the creator of the universe and (usually) gets along quite well with everyone, except the angels who work for him. He’s the first deity to come into existence and Earth was his masterpiece before the other deities messed it up. He rules over Heaven and his angels who run it. His favorite food is cotton candy.


She’s one of the main deities and is in a relationship with Fate. She and Fate like messing with the humans. Love likes to make people randomly fall in love and enjoys watching the madness. Sometimes she’ll even eat popcorn while watching the show.

time 3Time

Time is a sarcastic jerk. He’s the third deity to come into existence and doesn’t actually do much. While the other deities are “working” he likes to go on walks and enjoys movies. He’s colorblind and speeds while driving. Time also likes to go to the beach. He doesn’t hate humans but he finds them annoying. Like mosquitoes. (But he knows thanks to him they’ll eventually be gone. But God needs a hobby and Death keeps procreating so he’s well aware of the fact it won’t be anytime soon.) He shares a love-hate relationship with Mother Nature.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Mother Nature is one of major deities. For the first hundred thousand years after her “birth” the other deities didn’t know she existed, even though she attempted to make contact with them. As a result, Mother Nature is…resentful of the other deities and will do anything for attention. She’s not a hundred percent mentally stable and can be very rude at times. The other deities tolerate her, but just barely. Mother Nature always wears a flower crown.



Law/Order was one of the last deities to come into existence. She’s obsessed with everything being in order and has OCD. She wears her hair in braids and is frenemies with Chaos. Law/Order is a bit of a nervous wreck and sometimes hangs out on Earth.



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