Not A Comic, Just The Angels

angel character designs

To understand the next comic, I’m going to introduce you all to the angels. If the angel has their name in green they are an archangel. If it’s in pink they aren’t. All the angels have their nickname written above their head.

Details on The Angels and Their Personalities:
Bullet; Black Jeg runs Heaven’s kitchen. Stay out of the kitchen.
Bullet; Black Sal does all the paperwork. He gathers the prayers and sorts them by importance. Grandma dying is going to have more importance than a millionaire hoping to win the lottery.
Bullet; Black Mike is an archangel for some weird reason. No one knows why. He’s kind of a slacker and is always taking breaks and going off for a cigarette. He thinks Gabe is his best friend and Gabe only likes him because he has to (keep harmony in the office).
Bullet; Black Uriel is Heaven’s electrician. Sometimes she tinkers with the stars when she’s bored. She always wears overalls. Don’t say anything about the overalls.
Bullet; Black Ralph runs Heaven’s nurses’ station. He also runs the newly formed complaint department.
Bullet; Black Bar has cool hair. (I haven’s quite developed her character yet)
Bullet; Black Harry is the security guard. He doesn’t need to wear the helmet but he does anyway ’cause it makes him feel important.
Bullet; Black Zad is God’s personal advisor. She and Gabe don’t get along. AT ALL. She’s not great at her job. God knows it, but He still won’t promote Gabe (who would be much better at it.)
Bullet; Black Jo is Mike’s partner in crime and is friends with Mother Nature. She has a bit of a crush on Mike, but he’s clueless.
Bullet; Black Raz keeps to herself. She listens to everyone’s secrets and can’t say anything. She’s beginning to lose it.
Bullet; Black Sam. Just…just go back and look at a comic with Lucifer in it. (That’s all I’m going to say!)

EDIT: Zed’s nickname has been changed to Zad. Makes more sense.

Drawn September 1, 2014

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