Color Challenge

I’m thinking about drawing a comic using a color challenge.

A color challenge is basically when you try to draw a picture using only a certain amount of colors (usually only five).

I think this might be fun to do. I won’t be doing it for the next comic, but I might do it for the one after that…maybe. We’ll see how it goes.


Word of God: 10 Facts About Fate

  1. Her favorite color is orange.
  2. Fate is Death’s unofficial sister. (Technically because they don’t have a mother they aren’t biologically related, but they’ve considered themselves siblings from the very beginning.)
  3. Fate has a bit of a short temper when it comes to humans. If they do things to her she doesn’t like (example: cutting her off in traffic) there are devastating consequences.
  4. Occasionally Fate will leave gaps in her calendar to see what the humans do on their own. They usually do annoying stuff (see fact number 3 for details) and Fate will typically regret letting them have free will.
  5. Fate’s calendar can be easily hacked.
  6. She (and Love) will give free will to Death’s love interests. That way they always have the choice on whether or not they want to be with him.
  7. Fate is a lesbian and is in a relationship with Love.
  8. Fate and God are constantly fighting over who should have control over the humans. They can act like exes going through a nasty custody battle sometimes.
  9. Fate always wins these fights however.
  10. She enjoys going bowling.

Word of God: 10 Facts About Death


  1. Only three things make Death truly angry: when someone tries to kill him, when someone tries to hurt his kids and bad drivers.
  2. Death is the shortest deity (5 feet and 2 inches).
  3. He has always wanted a daughter.
  4. His favorite son is Son 72 (although he claims he doesn’t have a favorite).
  5. Death tries to dress like the humans.
  6. He chooses to be short, a little pudgy and kinda cute because he doesn’t want to look intimidating/scary.
  7. However, his tendency to stress eat doesn’t help his weight.
  8. Sometimes he gets very depressed and as a result he drinks a lot.
  9. Death hates being immortal and sometimes wishes he could die.
  10. When dealing with humans, he’ll claim to be a mortician, even though he knows next to nothing about how the funeral industry works.

Word of God: 10 Facts About Love

Note: I didn’t have time to post this yesterday, but better late than never I suppose!

  1. Love likes to make random humans fall in love and then watch the show.
  2. While watching, she likes to eat popcorn.
  3. Love is a lesbian and is in a relationship with Fate.
  4. Love and Fate have been in a relationship ever since their creation.
  5. In comic 43, the way Love’s hair was drawn changed.
  6. Love’s favorite color is pink.
  7. Even though her favorite color is pink, Love usually wears red when she gets her photo taken professionally.
  8. Love’s original form is a pink heart.
  9. The gender bent version of Love wears fuzzy pink sweaters.
  10. Both Love and the gender bent version of Love have cowlicks on the back of their heads.

Updates: Fun Facts

Over the next few weeks I’m going to do a few “Word of God” posts.

Each post will feature 10 fun facts about a certain character. These fun facts may be things that are subtly told in the comic or completely new bits of information that only I know. I’ll post the first one about Love on Valentine’s Day (it’s suiting, no?) so keep an eye out!



I’ve decided to set a goal for Deities: at least two comics a month.

It takes me a while to produce each comic because of my busy schedule, but I think this is a reasonable goal. Hopefully the 51st comic will be up by February!

In the meantime, happy reading!


Short Hiatus Is Over!

I have decided that I will still be working on my old computer/with my old software until I can get everything set up on my new computer.

I will also be trying to get another comic done by the end of the month. (Unfortunately, as I am a student and am working, it takes a while for each comic to be done.) Hopefully everything goes along smoothly!


Short Hiatus


Currently Deities is on a short hiatus. I just got a new computer and some new software, so I’m still figuring everything out. Hopefully everything will be fixed soon!