Time Finds Death

Death in China

Time confronts Death about the situation.

This comic is a week late. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it done until today due to finals, some family stuff and the fact I had to do a lot of researching for this strip. This particular strip is set in the Zhou Dynasty of China and there was very little information online (at least, that I could find) about Zhou architecture and clothing. (And I’ve taken a class about the arts of China. Apparently most of the surviving art from this period are bronze vessels and such.)

However, starting today I will be publishing weekly comic strips again. This will last throughout the summer.



Time doesn't explain and disappears.

Time isn’t being particularly helpful.

Drawn May 5, 2017


Time ages and taunts Helena.

Drawing Helena’s hair down and an aging Time was surprisingly difficult.

Drawn April 15, 2017


Death disappears.

Death remembers that he actually has a job to do (unlike some *cough*Time*cough* people).

I decided to change up the font. I think this font is more aesthetically pleasing than the last one I was using.

Drawn March 9, 2017

A Chat About Humans

Time and Death discuss Helena.

I had fun with the backgrounds in this strip. They’re meant to convey the mood of the conversation.

Drawn February 23, 2017

Why Would I Do That?

Death laments his drunken decisions.

Death laments his drunken purchases and Time tells it like it is.

(And is it possible that Time feels a little bad for Death in the last panel?)

Drawn February 13, 2017

Hungover Realizations

Death realizes he might have a drinking problem...maybe.

Death starts to realize he may have a problem…maybe. And Time is already sick of Death’s nonsense.

Side note: In this strip the background panels that don’t feature the kitchen are supposed to represent the character’s emotions. Time’s anger and Death’s wooziness/lightheaded feeling brought on by “Oh My Goodness, What Have I Done?”

Drawn February 8, 2017

Well Then.

Death is hungover and Helena makes bread while Time watches.

This is it! The beginning of a new arc!

Meanwhile, Death is hungover and confused.

Drawn January 23, 2017

Half Comic: Home

Time goes into Death's house with Helena following after.

This half comic marks the end of the Roman Arc!

Drawn January 18, 2017

‘E’s Such An Idiot, Love

deities 36

First of all, I haven’t drawn Fate or Love in a while so they look weird. Crap.
Second, this needs a bit of explaining. Basically, Death is kicked out from Heaven. The rules are if you kill another deity you can’t come back. Death is the only one who can kill another deity. That’s his job. When he reaps their soul, he gains their power and a tiny bit of their personality. And that can be very, very, very bad depending on the deity and what part of their personality.
So God’s plan was if Death ever got power hungry (lol. Like that would happen. But now…maybe.) and reaped let’s say…Chaos, who’s to stop him from going after God? No one. They can’t. It’s impossible.
God hoped the “No Killing Other Deities” rule would last. It didn’t. Now he knows that Death won’t hesitate to end someone if they piss him off enough. Sooo…he’s not allowed back. Hence the gates and the barbed wire that were very specifically made to keep Death out.
But sometimes God makes bad decisions and wants to eat his words. But he can’t. Because he’s God and it doesn’t work like that. He can’t go back in time and Time isn’t going to help him.

Also, God is hoping all the demons will kill each other off…but that can’t happen. Death isn’t going to kill all the demons. He hates sending bad people to paradise. Plus now the demons will have something to do in their spare time besides do evil.

And this all could have been prevented if God just set up an HR department…or a complaint box.

Drawn December 18, 2014