Time ages and taunts Helena.

Drawing Helena’s hair down and an aging Time was surprisingly difficult.

Drawn April 15, 2017

Time and Helena

Time's Aging

One of Time’s many “talents” is being able to constantly change how old he looks. The other deities have this talent as well, but it’s a bit harder for them to do so. They have to actually concentrate to change their form. Time has to concentrate to NOT keep aging. Needless to say, he uses this to his advantage when he wants to freak people out.

Drawn April 6, 2017


Death disappears.

Death remembers that he actually has a job to do (unlike some *cough*Time*cough* people).

I decided to change up the font. I think this font is more aesthetically pleasing than the last one I was using.

Drawn March 9, 2017

A Chat About Humans

Time and Death discuss Helena.

I had fun with the backgrounds in this strip. They’re meant to convey the mood of the conversation.

Drawn February 23, 2017

Why Would I Do That?

Death laments his drunken decisions.

Death laments his drunken purchases and Time tells it like it is.

(And is it possible that Time feels a little bad for Death in the last panel?)

Drawn February 13, 2017

Hungover Realizations

Death realizes he might have a drinking problem...maybe.

Death starts to realize he may have a problem…maybe. And Time is already sick of Death’s nonsense.

Side note: In this strip the background panels that don’t feature the kitchen are supposed to represent the character’s emotions. Time’s anger and Death’s wooziness/lightheaded feeling brought on by “Oh My Goodness, What Have I Done?”

Drawn February 8, 2017

Well Then.

Death is hungover and Helena makes bread while Time watches.

This is it! The beginning of a new arc!

Meanwhile, Death is hungover and confused.

Drawn January 23, 2017

Half Comic: Home

Time goes into Death's house with Helena following after.

This half comic marks the end of the Roman Arc!

Drawn January 18, 2017

Arriving Home


The Roman arc has almost ended! There is just one more half comic to go.

The reason why Time refers to Helena as an “it” is because he sees humans a bit like dogs. They have personalities, fears and such, but they’re still not as smart as the deities. Death however, sees humans as more on the same level as deities. They just don’t live as long. Death is aware of the fact that humans, on average, are not incredibly bright, although he is reluctant to admit this.

Drawn January 17, 2017

Half Comic: Iulius’ Error


Iulius realizes he’s just sold Helena to a complete stranger.

I haven’t done one in a long time, but sometimes I do half comics. In these half comics they have information that is necessary to the story, but the themes aren’t big enough for it’s own comic. Sometimes they are just little amusing bits. Generally speaking, I like to experiment with colors and styles and such, so that’s why “Iulius’ Error” has such an odd color scheme.

Drawn January 14, 2017

Published January 20, 2017