Time ages and taunts Helena.

Drawing Helena’s hair down and an aging Time was surprisingly difficult.

Drawn April 15, 2017


Why Would I Do That?

Death laments his drunken decisions.

Death laments his drunken purchases and Time tells it like it is.

(And is it possible that Time feels a little bad for Death in the last panel?)

Drawn February 13, 2017

Hungover Realizations

Death realizes he might have a drinking problem...maybe.

Death starts to realize he may have a problem…maybe. And Time is already sick of Death’s nonsense.

Side note: In this strip the background panels that don’t feature the kitchen are supposed to represent the character’s emotions. Time’s anger and Death’s wooziness/lightheaded feeling brought on by “Oh My Goodness, What Have I Done?”

Drawn February 8, 2017

Well Then.

Death is hungover and Helena makes bread while Time watches.

This is it! The beginning of a new arc!

Meanwhile, Death is hungover and confused.

Drawn January 23, 2017

Death and Helena


Death and Helena flirt with each other.

Winter break is coming up soon, so expect more updates in the next few weeks!

Drawn December 13, 2016

Time’s Thinking Process


Death will not be fine.

I’m aware of how weird Time’s hand/arm looks in the last panel. I sort of just gave up after a while.

Anyway, I hope all of my readers have a good holiday weekend. May you survive tomorrow with little to no anger and lots and lots of happiness.

Drawn November 23, 2016



Fate’s calendar can only monitor the activity of the humans. She has no control over other Deities (major or minor!), or angels or demons. They all have free will, which can get kind of annoying for her. Needless to say, Fate has started checking out suspicious glitches. It usually makes things easier for her (and everyone else) in the long run.

It’s been a while since I drew Love! As you can see, she has a new haircut. And in case you haven’t noticed, each deity (except Death) has a bit of a color scheme. Love’s color scheme is pink and Fate’s is orange.

Drawn October 3, 2016

The Party Part 3


The party continues.

A few fun facts: Quintus’ wife is calling him “cara” which is Latin for “dear”. Also, if you know your ancient Roman history (or just are knowledgeable about Renaissance art and European literature), you’ll know the historical legend that’s being discussed in panels two and three. That also means I’ve dated the comic, so as usual, the clothes may not be historically accurate for this particular time period. (I do try to get things to be accurate, but sometimes artistic license takes over.)

And Death, being the hopeless romantic that he is, has fallen in love again.

Because I am taking mostly english classes this semester (and thus have a lot of reading) Deities will be updated with a lot less frequency as I have to concentrate on my classes. However, come winter break I suspect I’ll be able to go back to one comic a week. (Maybe even more if I’m not working.)

Drawn September 18, 2016

The Apology

deities 64

Death has not taken Time’s news well. He also may be a tiny bit intoxicated. You know, just a tiny bit. *cough*

Fun fact: there was a time in Ancient Rome where pants were illegal. That’s why everyone is staring at Time. This is arc is supposed to take place some time before the birth of Christ, so this arc will probably be historically inaccurate. I apologize.

Drawn June 30, 2016

Law/Order: The Architect

deities 61

Law/Order talks to Chaos about the pyramids.

In this comic I wanted the flashbacks to be visually different. I was going to draw them as though they were drawn by little kids, but then I realized that wouldn’t fit into the time period of the story. I did some research and decided to draw them in the style of the Ancient Egyptians. That’s why it’s not really to scale. In Ancient Egyptian art the most important figure is drawn the largest. Technically, the pharaoh should be the biggest figure, but Law/Order is a deity (and the one the story is about!) so that role falls onto her.

I’m not sure if this was how they drew things when they were building the pyramids, so it’s probably historically inaccurate. For that, I apologize. I try to get things as historically accurate as possible, but sometimes artistic license trumps historical fact.

On a side note, I managed to make the Thursday deadline this week! Come back next Thursday for the next installment!

Drawn June 2, 2016